Vampire’s Christmas Print Signed Joseph Michael Linsner


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At Christmas time, all dreams come true. What do vampires dream of? Blood, of course. Lots of it. Esque, the vampire, is no different, but in Santa’s eyes he’s been more naughty than nice. A lump of coal in his stocking is what Esque expects as he goes off into the cold city night to seek his holiday dinner. During his hunt on Christmas Eve, he encounters junkies, pedophiles, goth chicks, and the scariest of them all – holiday shoppers. Everyone’s hustling for that last-minute score, and amidst the snow and carols, who knows what Esque might find?

Signed by Joseph Michael Linsner. Maybe if you’re good Santa will bring this for you! Or just buy it yourself. I’m sure Santa has better things to do.

17″ x 12.5″


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