Phantom Variant Comics

What is a Phantom Variant Comic?

TL;DR: Phantom Variant Comics are limited-edition covers from exclusive dealers. Like these:

Phantom Variant Comics Available

Phantom Variant Comics Red Sonja

From the official Phantom Variant website

What is #phantomvariant @phantomvariant The Phantom Variant Project?

It’s a world-wide gathering of comic retailers/entrepreneurs/aficionados working together to provide unique comic experiences to the fans!

Any retailer (or group) can make a quick cash grab on a well-known popular title!  The Phantom’s goal is to support creators and publishers at a level that matters!  One issue, if that is what they need, or a dozen if the publisher and creators are up for it! The Phantom Project will only get behind properties they expect to be around for some time!

With all of our support (25 retailers & growing) The Phantom Project hopes to ensure titles get the recognition and sales needed to grow their fan base.  Watch for Phantom Project Stores hosting their own signings with Phantom Creators in the coming months!

Where can you get your PHANTOM variants?


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