Who’s Who at Black Cat

We’re the people that you meet!

The lucky folks who work at the store and are totally friendlier than they look.

Greg Gage


Owner, Head Geek
Born in Salt Lake City, Greg is proud to be an embarrassing part of the community. As a small human, he discovered that retreating into illustrated fiction was a much more healthy alternative to the disturbing thoughts swirling through his damaged mind. He has a strong baritone voice, but was sadly passed over for the role of a lifetime on Broadway, so he dwells here at Black Cat instead. The rest… is history.


Among Rich’s accomplishments are the bestsellers The Christmas Box, The Christmas List, The Christmas Candle, First Gift Of... Wait, no. That’s the other guy. Rich is much cooler. He likes animals, long walks on short cliffs, comics, and scary stuff. He plays instruments and vocal chords (often his own) in several bands in and around the Salt Lake Area. He will also dance for nickles (please do not give him nickles.)



 She has a weird thing for dramatic eyebrows and magic. When you say “Grant Morrison, ” Taylor will appear with bright eyes and a lot of opinions.

All about the all-ages comics.

Proud Valkyrie, Lumberjane, and writer of comic reviews and other “generally nerdy stuff” at Slug Magazine & Bloody Disgusting.


Madi wants to be a haunted house when she grows up. Her hobbies include quoting Nine Inch Nails lyrics and shamelessly stalking her celebrity crush: Swamp Thing. A ghost named Leviathan lives in her house, but he’s okay. She hates peanut butter and adores her two doggos as well as her pet snake (Mister Snek). Lastly, Madi loves being a part of the bizarre and ridiculous group of misfits that is the Black Cat family.

Scott Marston


Scott doesn’t show up on film. We just decided to put up a picture of a comic he enjoys instead. Scott is a black belt in the ancient art of Boards and Bags. No one can beat his Board and Bag. It is deadly. It is silent. It simply is. He also works on Tuesdays.

Sam Stevenson


pretty in pink

pretty in pink

Sam’s the one on the left.  He’s a troublemaker who will make more puns than you can handle.  Sam has worked for years at baking so that he can make pies that could sate the appetite of Zeus himself.  Sam is pretty cool with whatever happens (including letting Taylor do his makeup).  If he sees you come into the store through the forest of hair in front of his eyes, he’ll smile and help you out.

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