Who’s Who at Black Cat

We’re the people that you meet!

We’re just as weird as we seem.

Greg Gage


Owner, Head Geek, Manager, Work Dad
Born in Salt Lake City, Greg is proud to be an embarrassing part of the community. As a small human, he discovered that retreating into illustrated fiction was a much more healthy alternative to the disturbing thoughts swirling through his damaged mind.
He has a strong baritone voice, but was sadly passed over for the role of a lifetime on Broadway, so he dwells here at Black Cat instead. The rest… is history.



Assistant Manager

Taylor has a weird thing for dramatic eyebrows and magic. When you say Grant Morrison or Bitch Planet, Taylor will appear with bright eyes and a lot of opinions.  All about the all-ages comics!

She also lives at Black Cat Comics. She never leaves. Proud Valkyrie, Lumberjane, and sometimes writer of comic reviews and other “generally nerdy stuff.”


Scott doesn’t show up on film. We just decided to put up a picture of a comic he enjoys instead.
Scott is a black belt in the ancient art of Boards and Bags. No one can beat his Board and Bag game. It is deadly. It is silent. It simply is. He also works on Tuesdays.


pretty in pink

Sam’s the one on the left.  He’s a troublemaker who will make more puns than you can handle.

Sam has worked for years at baking so that he can make pies that could sate the appetite of Zeus himself.

Sam is pretty cool with whatever happens (including letting Taylor do his makeup).  If he sees you come into the store through the forest of hair in front of his eyes, he’ll smile and help you out.


A recent addition to the Black Cat Crew, Jax is the most Ravenclaw Ravenclaw that ever Ravenclaw’d.

Although she is quite socially anxious, it’s easy to approach a wild Jax in her native environment, i.e. working at Black Cat.

Ask her about comics, games, scifi/fantasy, cosplay, and/or anything geeky & you’ll have trouble getting her to shut up. Caveat Emptor!



Look, Gwar decapitated us!


Taylor, Jax, and Greg with Shea Fontana (DC Super Hero Girls, Wonder Woman)!


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