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Black Cat Comics is a brick and mortar comic book shop founded by Greg Gage in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2004.

The Origin Story

His parents purchased an Uncanny X-Men #94 comic book in 1974 and Greg Gage was immediately drawn to the medium and never looked back. As a boy, it had never occurred to him that a career could be made from the retail side of the hobby as there were precious few direct market stores in the ’70s. With the renewed popularity of the comic book in the late 1980’s, the first seed was planted in Gage’s mind of a future in comics.

After some amateur dabbling in writing, and the usual rejection letters that come with it, he gave up on the idea of a career in the medium and pursued other interests. The bug continued to develop, however, and the idea of retailing soon followed.

2 years of working as a clerk in a local comic book shop pushed the idea further to the forefront. Taking a DIY approach, he opened the doors of Black Cat Comics in May of 2004.

Several things stuck in Gage’s head in the creation of the store. At the time, there was a shocking lack of back issue comics available in the Utah area, which rapidly became one of his prime goals. Also missing was the “pure comic shop” experience. All other stores in the surrounding area had supplemented their income with trading cards, RPG games, trading card games, and the like. Black Cat Comics became the only store on the Wasatch Front to specialize only in comic books becoming the store with the largest selection of back issues.

Gage’s philosophy is one of concentrating only on comic books, and therefore allowing for a more diverse, independent friendly selection. The store is also local friendly, allowing shelf space for local creators on a consignment basis, and increasing awareness in local talent. Black Cat Comics is dedicated to making comics accessible to everyone and providing a safe space for all.

Black Cat Comics has attracted big names in the comics industry for its annual anniversary signings. They also give away hundreds of prizes at the events, donated from many companies such as Black Mask Studios, Marvel Comics, Zenescope Entertainment, 12 Gauge Comics, Bad Ass Coffee Company, Watchtower Cafe, and many, many more.

Who works here? Glad you asked!


  • 2006 City Weekly Best of Utah Winner Best Comic Cats
  • 2013 City Weekly Best of Utah Winner Best Hometown Comics Pride
  • 2014 KSL A-list Winner Best Comic Shop
  • 2015 City Weekly Best Of Utah Winner Best Comic Book Store
  • 2017 City Weekly Best of Utah Winner Best Comic Book Store

Anniversary signings:

  • 1st year – Brian Wood
  • 2nd year – Rick Remender
  • 3rd year – Darick Robertson
  • 4th year – Matt Fraction
  • 5th year – Ben Templesmith
  • 6th year – Ryan Ottley
  • 7th year – Ben McCool
  • 8th year – Sina Grace, S. Steven Struble
  • 9th year – Ryan Ottley, Jason Howard
  • 10th year – Chad Hardin, Ben Templesmith
  • 11th year – Michael Moreci, Phillip Sevy
  • 12th year – Alex De Campi, Darick Robertson
  • 13th year – Matt Miner, Tini Howard, Sleazy P. Martini, Eric Palicki, Magdalene Visaggio
  • 14th year – Curses! We haven’t announced it… yet! Coming July 2018!

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  1. Greg, I can’t find your store hours posted anywhere on here or FB. It would be handy for us senile folks who can’t remember.

    • they’re listed at the bottom of the page, but this is good feedback and I’ll make it clearer 🙂 Thank you! -Taylor

  2. Hey guys,
    was in last weekend from out of town. And realized some back issues I saw there were ones I actually needed to grab.
    Do you ship back issue orders? or process back issues online at all?

    Thanks! and love the shop!

    • Absolutely, we ship things all the time for our customers. Our stock changes constantly, but give us a call and we can work something out with you!

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