Multiversity #1 Review

Now, in the interest of transparency, I need to say that I’m not much of a fan of Grant Morrison’s mainstream DC work. His Vertigo and independent work is a different story. I find that very interesting, mainly because instead of playing in a big company’s sandbox, he creates his own, which is where his strengths lie. That being said, let’s dive right in.

Multiversity #1 is a mixed bag of weirdness. We have Captain Carrot, Obama-Superman, multi-dimensional travel, magic spaceships, and an unofficial Marvel crossover. If I’ve lost you already, don’t read the comic. You’ll never fall into it’s reality bending meta embrace. However, if you’re already a Morrison fan, you’ll love it. And I think that’s the key.

Let me back up.

The plot. Something about a rabbit. There’s also lots of universes and lots of time/space/dimensional travel. And I think drugs, maybe in the writing or the plot. Maybe both.

So back to pre-existing fandom. Morrison doesn’t seem to be bringing anything new to the table here. At least nothing of note that will convert any readers to his work that aren’t already in the Morrison Army. The story feels rushed and unfocused. There are a lot of huge ideas, but none cohesively mesh with one another quite yet. This seems more of a free for all indulgence for the author than an “event” book.

I think that eventually it will pan out to a degree, but have that same old awful feeling that not much will be resolved at the end and confusion will reign supreme by about part 4 or 5.

But credit where credit’s due. I think there was some enjoyable cleverness, though. The inclusion of the reader into the story, while a little heavy handed, was something that I hope is followed through on to a logical conclusion. Say, if there was a character death, making the reader feel slightly responsible and complicit. And I commend him trying to make a map of the mess that the New 52 has become. My only fear is that it may make it even more of a mess rather than clean it up.

Ivan Reis’ art is nice. Nothing special, just nice. Doesn’t matter, though, as there’s a different artist on board for every issue. Ordinarily I’m frustrated when artists constantly change on a project, but it just may work with this. As I said, it’s not terribly focused, so the art inconsistency might work in it’s favor this time.

I’d say this book is a solid 6 out of 10 for the average reader. For Morrison haters, it’s a 1. For fans of his quirky work, it’s a 10.

Multiversity is published by DC Comics and carries a cover price of $4.99 for issue #1.

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