Unity Blank Cover Contest

photo61-600x922We at Black Cat Comics are proud and happy to be participating in the Phantom Variant Unity art contest!

How does this work, you may ask?

This is how, I may tell you.

Step 1 – Come on in and buy Valiant Comics’ Unity #1 Phantom Variant here at Black Cat Comics, the one and only Phantom dealer in the state.

Step 2 – Get your crazy art pencils and pens warmed up! Create your best cover on the sketch-able variant.

Step 3 – Bring it on in to us! We’ll have a panel of judges ready to look at all the entries and pick the best.

Step 4 – We present the winner to Valiant Comics and they pick the best of the best from all the Phantom store winners. (Keep in mind how few participating stores there are. Your chances are pretty good.)

Step 5 – The winner gets a one-on-one portfolio review with Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons! Yep. Valiant Comics will look at your artwork.

There will also be a bunch of prizes for the top entrants courtesy of Valiant Comics.

Unity #1 is available on Wednesday, November 13th.

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